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Common health problems during winter
Effects of cold weather on health

Common health problems during winter

Winter is all about cold weather and cold snowy wind. Many people enjoy this season while many may find terrible. Some may have some health issues which we are going to discuss here. The following will be the common health problems listed below:

  1. Virus attack: The topic might sound funny but yes body virus can attack and weaken your immune system. So to ensure we need to take vitamins for our protection. 
  2. Asthma Attack: This is caused more in winter as dust pollution increases this time. It will affect your respiratory system causing more breathing problems. So in case if you want to step outside, cover your nose and mouth with a scarf so to keep yourself breathing outside.
  3. Getting cold or flu easily: You will find germs everywhere. Moreover, when you come in contact with them you fall sick. You will catch up cold very quickly. So, if you want to raise your immunity you must intake vitamins for strengthening your immunity power. Wash your hands properly before eating food. This can make a huge difference in your unhealthy life.
  4. Dry Skin: In winter, skin tend to dry a lot. So those who are having sensitive skin will have flaky skin. Extra moisturize is needed for them. Drinking a lot of water is necessary for every skin type. We should consume at least 4-5 liters of water everyday to get a healthy skin. 

So to eliminate these problems you need to take care of your health regularly. Intake of fruits and green leafy vegetables must be consumed.

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