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Super healthy food for daily productivity
Vegetables for healthy diet

Super healthy food for daily productivity

Every person will tell you to eat healthy food and to follow a strict diet but they will not tell you what food to eat properly or how to follow it. People cannot be completely healthy but eating the right food will help you stay fit for a long time. 

There are certain foods that will boost your energy and keep you healthy.

Healthy vegetables

  1. Avocado: Avocado is rich in vitamin C, E, K and B-6, Niacin, potassium and magnesium etc. Eating a particular food should aim to supply blood flow throughout the heart and brain. Consuming avocado daily can give blood flow through out the body which is quite healthy for a person. 
  2. Egg: Egg is rich in protein helps to give energy to your body. Consuming an egg is said to be the best meal in the breakfast.Egg is rich in Vit D, B6 , B12 and protein rich food. So we will get many benefits out of it.
  3. Green Tea: This is a wonderful drink along with your breakfast. Green tea can be a good refreshment and a good fat cutter for obese people. 
  4. Nut and berries: You are often hungry during off time. This can be your life saver. Nuts and berries can be consumed when you are too hungry. 
  5. Banana and milk: Banana and milk can be a good option for glucose intake. This will give you huge energy when you are feeling low. Person doing regular workout can consume bananas and milk daily. This is really nutritious and healthy for your body.

Thus, taking nutritious food can make you feel healthy and energetic throughout the day.

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