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Are Alcohol intake good for your health?
Effects of Alcohol in your Kidneys

Are Alcohol intake good for your health?

Many people drink alcohol occasionally. Some may be addicted to alcohol and might consume daily. Alcohol definitely effects your body but it depends on the amount your intake. Alcohol is a drug and it can affect your body in many ways.

Drinking too much at one occasion may cause severe problems. Once you swallow it will mix up with blood and spread to all over the body. Then it passes through the stomach and small intestine. The rest of the metabolism is excreted through lungs and kidney via urine and sweat. Only liver break down small amount of alcohol per hour. 

This is how alcohol effects your body :-

  • Behavioral change may occur and enables you not to take any decisions.
  • Make you forget many things after you consume alcohol.
  • Slurred speech may occur after drinking.
  • You may encounter hallucinations while driving or doing any work. That’s why its suggested not to drive after drinking.
  • Cardio diseases may occur due to heavy drinking.
  • Throat cancer occurs due to excessive intake of alcohol. Woman who drink excessive may have breast cancer.
  • It can damage liver completely which disables to remove harmful substances from body.
  • Alcohol weakens the lungs and reduces the immune system of the body causing tuberculosis etc.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol may cause pancreatitis effecting pancreas.
  • You may have diarrhea causing frequent stomach pain.
  • It may also cause birth defects and infertility in woman.
  • Malnutrition may also occur as it stops functioning by not properly absorbing vitamins and minerals from the food we intake.
  • Muscle cramps may also occur due to heavy drink load.

So the effect of alcohol will start the time you will take it for the first time. A glass of beer or wine will not be the issue rather than making it a habit for everyday can harm you a lot.

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