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Primary stage to prevent from breast cancer
Initial stage of Breast Cancer

Primary stage to prevent from breast cancer

Every women will panic when she hear about “breast cancer”. But this can be cured too. Coming to the modern era, we are leading in a very advanced better way of treatment. There are certain steps which we can follow to avoid breast cancer.

  1. Stop smoking: We usually see many advertisements where people are telling to quit smoking. But as we are not following it and neglecting it in a very bad way that in later stage it becomes worse. Smoking causes cancer. We have heard the tagline several times and they mean it a lot because health comes first. It increases heart attack, bad breath, wrinkles etc.
  2. Breast feed your child: breast feed for one year can lower the risk of causing breast cancer. And breast feeding is essential for a child at an early age.
  3. Weight check: we should always keep a track to our weight as obese is not good for health. It increases the risk of breast cancer.
  4. Limit alcohol: Women should not take alcohol or should be in a limit. Even a small increase of alcohol may lead to breast cancer.
  5. Exercise daily: Exercise is a must in everyone’s life. A person should exercise daily to be fit in daily life. Pranayam is beneficial and can reduce breast cancer. Breathing exercise is essential as it works on your whole chest which can be beneficial too.
  6. Family history: You should go back and check all your family history. If you find any clue about cancer in your family, you should be aware of it. Then you need to take precautions from an early stage.

These are very primary stages or steps one woman should go through to prevent breast cancer. We are fortunate to have advanced medical checkups which lead us to get reports regarding any problem of our health. Every girl should take it in a serious note and prevent themselves from having breast cancer.

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